Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little Macs

Made pretty much using a Martha recipe (although she has others). Apparently this is the macaron bible, but Martha treated us right.

Swiss meringue buttercream (read the comments for clarity) for the pistachios, and strawberry jam for the others. Never have I enjoyed the use of food coloring more.

This may not be Pierre Herme, but they were very good and required less voodoo than research would lead one to believe. And they're gluten free.


Dine O Mite! said...

Macarons are an obsession at our house.

The CFT said...

They're about to be here too.

Ben said...

Those look really good. I was thinking about making some peppermint & chocolate macarons lately, but our oven broke and we're waiting on a part.

steve said...

They were great. Thanks again, and much fun having you both over.

The CFT said...

Better get that part Ben! Peppermint and chocolate sounds great.

Thanks Steve. We had a great time.