Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Fall Fare

(broccoli + onion + chicken broth + s + p) + (OTR bread) = satisfying cool weather lunch.

Broccoli soup is one of my most favorite things, especially with sweet fall broccoli. No need for cheese. No dairy at all for that matter.

This was a simple one pot (+ blender) soup, that started with caramelizing onions in a pot. Some broccoli was added to the onions along with a few ladlefulls of chicken broth (veg broth would have worked too). The pot, on high heat now, was covered until the broccoli was steamed until just tender. Then into the blender went the pot's contents along with some more broth (made from an almost, kind of, meaty chicken carcass, from a roasted chicken, simmered for an hour or so in water with some onion). It got blended for about a minute, then reheated in the rinsed out pot. Salt and pepper to taste and it was done.

The cooked onions bound and fortified the soup as well as cream or butter would have, but without the dulling richness either would have brought. And it wasn't oniony. The soup was bright. Not even a squeeze a lemon was needed.

Chix from Plum Creek. Broc from FarmShare. That's all it took.

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Ben said...

I might have to try this soon--the pure broccoli flavor highlighted by onions and broth sounds really good. And I even have OTR bread on hand. The only problem is a shortage of chicken stock, which was frozen and supposed to last for months but almost all got used in lentil soup and risotto. So maybe I'll roast or grill the chicken in the freezer first, make stock, then make the soup.