Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

My attempt and minimalist Korean fried chicken (a little background here). As far as fried chicken of any sort goes, these might have the highest taste to effort ratio ever.

Pot of lard (around 350/375 degrees). Chicken wings (seasoned with salt and pepper). Wings go into hot lard. Wings get nice color (maybe short side of 15 min, maybe a bit longer). Wings come out of lard and go in a bowl with just a little butter (doesn't have to be melted) and some sriracha (to taste). Wings, butter, and sriracha (or any chili/garlic paste type thing) get tossed to melt butter and coat wings. Bit more salt. Mmmmm.

Also, don't forget, one day left to try to win $65 to spend on anything here. See post below for details.

Wings from Plum Creek. If shopping the Cleveland area farmer's markets, Tea Hills has some nice ones too. I think the reason this worked so well without any real fuss is because of the quality the chicken. Factory chix may require more sophisticated treatment.

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