Saturday, August 21, 2010


When someone named Bones offers you a bag of frozen pasta at a bar, you can't really say "no." You can, but it'd be awkward. So I took the baggie, which included some raviolis along with the pictured pasta, from Ohio City Pasta's new (?) line of fresh extruded pastas.

While I don't think fresh (in this case frozen and never dried) extruded pasta is traditional, it certainly is good. Also nontraditional is the shape, the name and spelling of which I'm sure I butchered in the title of this post. But it works. I'm a pasta fiend, and it was nice to try something different, still kind of familiar, and pretty tasty.

The sauce is carbonara like. Crisped up pancetta and an egg parmesan blend (enough grated cheese to make something like a thick soup when it's mixed with the egg). Also some winter savory for an herby touch.

I'm not giving up dried pasta anytime soon, but for a quick meal made with a substantial noodle, this stuff seems tough to beat.

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