Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It really is summer. Early summer at least, with long days, peas, and greenhouse tomatoes. This is my primavera. The sauce, if it's really a sauce, took less than 10 minutes to put together.

First good olive oil got heated in a pan. Then in went salt and peppered Laughing Bird shrimp (thanks Tom) for a quick saute (Side note: I'm not an "oh my god my shrimp were treated with something!!!" person, but I will say these guys needed much more salt then just about any other shrimp I've ever had. Maybe it's the farming system, who knows?). When it was time to flip the shrimp some chopped garlic and red pepper flakes got tossed in the pan. Once the garlic was fragrant in went chopped tomatoes (skin, seeds, juices, and all) and blanched peas (thanks Al).

A little more salt and pepper for the shrimp et al., and then in went some cooked freshly made pasta (just trying to use up an ever abundance of eggs and their delicious yolks). The pasta was fettuccine shaped, and rolled out to second thinnest setting on a manual pasta machine. There was a little milk in the dough. I usually roll to the thinnest setting, but this slightly chewier pasta was a perfect compliment to the texture of the shrimp, which seemed to benefit from a quick sear and then finishing off with some moister ingredients.

A good two more glugs of French olive oil, some torn basil from the yard, and it was like summer in a bowl.

And shrimp another way. Sauteed, chopped, and mixed with leftover roasted red pepper mayo, cilantro, and lime. On a kaiser roll with some backyard lettuce. A sensible lunch.


maybelle's mom said...

we have been making homemade pasta almost every week. i got the encyclopedia of pasta and we are going through it (so far striped, farfelli, lasagnette, la sagne pats, cavatelli, gnocchi.) too busy to post but have pictures somewhere.

great use for your eggs i say. that and a very upscale halloween. (and thanks for the comment. now that my littlest is sleeping, maybe J and I could meet you out for drinks.)

Debra said...

Thanks, as always, for your posts, CFT.
I'm wondering if there's a local source for the Laughing Bird shrimp? Also, have you heard any more about local meat at Foster's at the WSM?

The CFT said...

Homemade pasta is right up there with my favoritest things. Good call on halloween, although I think I'll be busy playing defense with the garden hose. (drinks would be great, for such an occassion I could even be convinced to cross the mighty river).

Hi Debra. Thanks for reading.I got the Laughing Bird shrimp at Kate's at the WSM--I get just about all my seafood there. Regarding meats, you'd have to talk to Brian Foster, the head guy at his stands. I was mere liason between farmer and vendor . . .which is to say I have no more insider info (I can say in the near future beef is more likely to be back there than pork)