Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Take it All Back

Everything I said in the last post, except for the good things and maybe not doing so well in the casino, was a lie. After getting some recommendations and spending more quality time at 1515 Broadway things turned around. I took some time to ride the people mover and walked around downtown. I took in the crazy architecture (see pic below). I contemplated how anyone that's ever visited Detroit would want to put a casino in Cleveland. And I ate some of the best food I can remember. How could I have been so dense as to think a city hosting an original six hockey team could suck? I'm sickened with myself.

Slows is a new Detroit institution. Walking and driving around you could wonder where all the people are. They're at Slows. So there were waits for tables, but I sat down and ate at the bar no problem. The Mary Ann (a chopped brisket sandwich) is for real. Really for real. And their pork and beef is from Nimen Ranch, for what that's worth. I'm all about local, but for a place that could easily say "there's no way we can get enough supply from local folks," to me getting meat from a pretty reliable source seems like a good second best. And they looked like they were going through tons of the stuff.

Besides the great brisket, their Michigan beer selection was outstanding. They had Bell's Two Hearted--on cask. On draft were more than 15 other Michigan selections. Plus plenty of bike parking, a sweet patio, and what looked to be a case study on environmentally sound building practices. The place was simple and pumped out awesome food. Some staff was better than others, but once the bartender noticed me I was served promptly and well. I wasn't so blown away by their sauces. Thanks Steve for the recommendation.

Look at the pretty building. The windows were decorated all nice, but that's hard to see in the photo. I also saw a little greenroof on a shed downtown.

Sadly, I missed this. A central market that dedicates a day to local purveyors (at least that's what I heard). Imagine if the WSM had one day for local food people. There'd be a lot fewer markets to keep track of. I think that'd be nice. And nice for the City.

And the mother lode. Tortitas El Rojito. In Mexicantown--which reminded me way too much of real Mexico. As they say on yelp, it's a cart in a gas station. It's amazing. $1 small tacos (when I was there the choices were asada or chorizo), $2 quesadilla, $3 Sonaran (I think) hotdogs. I couldn't look at another dog after doing the Lafayette's-American coney dogs comparison, but I did have some tacos and a quesadillas. They blew me away.

I love cart tacos. And it's not even just because I love eating from a cart, which I no doubt do. It's something about the comal, and the way the meat is cooked, kept warm, and recooked that just makes for an awesome taco. And it's no bullshit with the tortillas--just good little corn ones. Or beans or chips--they're not available. It's just tacos (or the quesadillas, dogs, or tortas) with onion and cilantro, lime, beautiful runny salsa, and a side of radish. And the guy was nice.

So now I love Detroit and I'm sorry about the last post. I'm not moving anytime soon, but it'd be nice to get some of the 'cue or them tacos over here. Just sayin'.


debra said...

What a fabulous idea if the WSM had a dedicated day for local purveyors! I did notice & meet a relative newcomer there the other day - an Oberlin-based bee farmer selling honeys (I bought some rose-geranium infused) and other homemade canned goods (some very nice pickles and preserves).

Glad to see you back posting, CFT!

The CFT said...

Thanks Debra. I just heard about that bee farmer this morning when someone at my bus stop was mailing a big box of their products to friend. That sounds like a great start. Hope they're successful.

Anonymous said...

Next time you're in DayTwa, you'll have to check out the Guardian building for architechture. Beautiful Art Deco and Pewabic tiles outside and inside on the ground floor.

The CFT said...

Will do. Might be back there soon. Thanks.