Thursday, March 18, 2010

Celery Seed Isn't Caraway Seed

But first, a last look at the diet (aka cleanse). A nice little B-liner. With salad. Without a starch. Whole fish are where it's at. Fish from Kate's.

And now, back to all things good. Simple pork chop--salt, pepper, Spanish paprika. Seared in lard. Goat cheese and garlic mashed potatoes with a health few fingers of Snowville half and half and Hartlzer butter. It's unclear if love is lost between the two Ohio dairies, but they got along just fine in the potatoes. Also cabbage and a little red onion sauteed in olive oil.

It was all pretty good, except for a bad substitution with the cabbage. Kraut and caraway is classic (just ask Martha). Coleslaw with celery seed is equally reputable (just ask WendBinCT). Cooked cabbage and celery seed--it's unlikely to be repeated here. Even with just the tiniest amount of celery seed, the flavor was just a little too much, and too lingering. As is said, never again.

The chop was from Bluebird Meadows. Suggested by cookbook blogger Dave after I posted the use of a New Creations pork chop. Both available at NUFM's Shaker market. For me, the Bluebird chop was good, but I'm sticking with New Creations. I like the taste of the NC stuff more, think their chops result in a better textured end product, and am impressed with the quality of the butchering of their offerings. I've only tried Bluebird this once, and it was definitely good, but I just can't find any fault with the NC stuff and will stick with them. I'd certainly buy from Bluebird again if I couldn't get what I wanted from NC, but like I said, for me New Creations is beyond reproach and they're likely to get all my swine business.

And there are also some Killbuck Valley oyster mushrooms up there. Cooked with salt and pepper in butter in the pan that held the pork. I'm sure Dave and I can agree on Cleveland's finest mushroom purveyor.


Anonymous said...

That we can agree on (Killbuck)!

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the Bluebird Meadows pork as much as I did. I really liked New Creation's chops but I've had their ribs a couple times and found them to be extremely lean (lack and had a terrible experience with some beef steaks they sold as rib eyes.

Live to Cook at Home said...

Sorry, hit enter while still editing the statement about the ribs and before I signed in. The ribs I've had from NC did not have much meat on them. I'd be happy to give them another try though.

The CFT said...

Minimal rib experience on my end--summer should change that. Never tried NC beef. For that I really like Millgate. Anyway, it's fun to compare and everyone's tastes are different.

steve said...

Hey Tomato, Just got back yesterday from DC and VA and hopefully we will get to discuss the trip in person some time soon as it was a food delight. On the celery seed and caraway seed front, I really don't like either one, although I would have to say I'm more disliking of caraway. For me it simply ruins rye bread or sourkraut when used. (sorry, I didn't grow up in the same family life as you.)

Live to Cook at Home said...

What do you think of NC bacon?

The CFT said...

Steve, we'll catch up . . . I go to DC often. Komi is probably the best high end dining experience I ever had. And minibar is everyting I think food 2.0 should be. As for the rest of your comment, a part of me just died.

Dave, never tried it. I've been living off a bunch of home cured pancetta and gauanciale for the past year or so. That pig was from Tea Hills. I hear good stuff about NC bacon, but no personal experience.

DianeS said...

Have you ever used the Amish butter that Burton Floral sells at the Coit Rd. market? That was my butter of choice for several years until I discovered Minerva Dairy's Amish butter last year. I didn't think it was possible to find a nicer butter than the first one but the Minerva Dairy's butter is even a little nicer.

I prefer the taste of both the above mentioned butters to Hartzler but of course that is a personal/taste thing. I also like though that the two butters I mentioned have considerably less water than Hartzler's.

The Minerva butter is on sale right now through the distributor for 1.55/lb. I'm planning on stocking up for the summer and fall at that price even though it's on salted only. Let me know if you want to order some or if you would like to try some of what I have.

I'm a big fan of New Creation's pork but I will say those ribs Dave mentioned were very lacking of meat. I don't know what that was about. The flavor was great but there was a definite lack of meat on the bones. I've loved all the other pork I've had from them and I wouldn't trade the lard I buy from them for anything!

The CFT said...

Hi Diane. I'm not familiar with those butters. It was my first experience with the Hartzler stuff--the price at Nature's Bin seemed fair and I'm not intimidated by a huge roll of butter--we tear through the stuff. I think I'm okay on butter for a while though. I enjoy going back and forth between the local and the imported, the latter of which I prefer for bread. Also, I don't back much.

No comment on the ribs. Like I mentioned above, I don't eat ribs often. When the smoker is working overtime usally those are the last things I'm in the mood to make. Regardless, nothing wrong wth sharing the wealth between the many good swine dealer.

Ben said...

I love NC bacon. It's meaty but with just enough fat to cook up perfectly and really nicely smoked. I've never tried their ribs, or Bluebird Meadows pork.

Diane, I'll have to try Minerva butter. I wanted to like Hartzler but didn't, and I'd like to try something local.