Saturday, January 23, 2010

Turf and Surf

Roast "Capon." Keller Style.

Not really a capon, as I'm a bit squeamish with that stuff, but a 5 pounder from Plum Creek. Dried, salted, and put in a 450 oven breast side up. Sometimes simple is best. The spare time during roasting was used to turn off the fire alarm, about 6 times. This size bird took about and hour and 10 min. Once out a sprig of thyme was thrown in the pan and it was basted with the fat and juices. While my preference is for smaller birds, there's no doubt that there's lots of flavor in the bigger ones.

Served with potatoes au gratin and a sauce made from the drippings mounted with butter. Also a little salad. And dijon.
Flounder with capers, olives, and parsley. Garlic mashed potatoes.

Fish from Kate's. Skin on, seasoned, lightly floured and cooked in butter with just a bit of olive oil. The cooked fish rested in a warm oven, and into the pan went fresh butter, rinsed salt-packed capers, seeded and chopped nicoise olives, and parsley for a quick warm up and a little browning of the butter. I love flaky fish served like this. It's really bright tasting but not too summery for the weather.

Potatoes were carolas from the NUFM. I love that variety, and they're great for french fries. Mashed with the skin.

That's it. I'll try to get back into posting regularly. The slacking has not been b/c of lack of cooking, because I've been pretty off eating out for dinner. There are just so many nice ingredients available around here. But these days there are plenty of Cleveland food blogs covering all sorts of things, and it's pretty clear from my existing posts which vendors/markets I really enjoy. But we'll see. I suspect I'll resume regularly posting soon.


Nancy Heller said...

CFT - I've missed you - glad you're back!

Steve said...

Hey Tomato,
Nice to see you at Gus's Mediterranean Market on Saturday. Our lamb stew and caesar salad turned out pretty good, at least the guests said so. We will put you on a future list for one on the dinners.

The CFT said...

Hi Nancy. I think I am back.

Nice seeing you too Steve. Our stew wasn't bad either, and will hopefully be posted about tonight. I'd be honored to take the trip across the mighty Cuyahoga for something like that.