Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scratchin' the Itch

Crab cakes w/ never-frozen AK king crab. From Kate's. Not an inexpensive luxury, but a worthy one. The meat to shell ratio blows away that of dungeness or blues, so it doesn't take too much weight to get a fix. The fresh stuff is a rare treat.

For the cakes it was shredded crab meat, some fresh bread crumbs (from an OTR baguette), salt, pepper, a little Old Bay, and eggs. Once the cakes were shaped, they were coated in dry, finely ground OTR crumbs. The formed patties were left to chill in the fridge for a bit, and then eventually sauteed in some duck fat (I was out of butter b/c of the sauce).

The sauce was doctored up hollandaise. A few yolks and some water were warmed up over a double boiler. As it thickened, some lime juice, salt, and pepper was added. Then some melted butter was slowly drizzled and whisked in. Plus a little cayenne. As it held waiting for the other things to come together some water needed to be added to thin it out. Right before serving some cilantro and crab meat got stirred in. It was a nice sauce.

Also pictured are some scrambled eggs. Lots of eggs were used on this breakfast. The ladies have been producing. Also some OTR baguette. Really not a bad way to start the day.


maybelle's mom said...

you are clearly quite a rooster (pimp) these days.

Debra said...

hi CFT,
Glad that you're back! I'm jealous of your Portland trip - you gave me some good ideas to try when i'm next there (I simply adore Ken's bakery and am there nearly every day for lunch or snacks when I'm in PDX for work). The crabcakes look delicious! Kate will be getting a visit from me tomorrow (though I don't think she comes in on Mondays)...

The CFT said...

Way to continue keeping this post blue MM.

I'm jealous of your PDX work trips Debra. I love that place. And thanks for the nice words.

Kate said...

you are crazy,
crazy awesome

The CFT said...

it's true i'm afraid.