Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bird Braising

Chicken, potatoes, and sprouts. Pretty Midwest. Also pretty much a blend of these two recipes for the chicken.

Browned seasoned, flour dredged chicken in butter and olive oil (see below), removed them, dumped most of the fat, lightly browned some whole peeled cloves of garlic, reduced some white wine, added some chix stock, and threw in some lemon zest, chopped olives, thyme, and a bay leaf. Put the chix back in, and let it all braise in a 325 oven for a while. After it was done the chix was removed to crisp up in a hot oven, the garlic was smooshed into the sauce, which got reduced, and a touch of cream was added at the end.

Simple, good, and hard to mess up.
This isn't a photography blog.

The potatoes were roasted basically using this recipe (I'm kind of embarrassed to admit). It was fine, especially with the sauce, but there was the little issue of the potato not being seasoned on the inside. The texture was great though.
I was proud of my butchering skillz.

The Brussels sprouts were steamed whole, cooled down, split in half, and sauteed in butter with some some sliced shallots, salt, and pepper.

All in all a pretty good dinner that doesn't take too much work.

Sources: Chicken = Plum Creek; Sprouts, Potatoes = NUFM (which should be boycotted for their stance on Issue 2, but it's not the vendors' fault) ; Cream = Snowville; Olives = Mediterranean Shop.

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