Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Other Raw (sort of) Fish

Yet another ceviche post. Because it's the summer, and because it's delicious. Also, because the local fishmonger forced a hog snapper on me (and Tom, fyi, it's not a snapper).

Hogfish has all the great qualities of a standard red snapper, sans guilt (see how everyone's favorite recipe columnist got vilified for using the stuff here). Also, depending on what it's used for, I think I like hogfish more. With super delicate skin, the hogfish can't take the beating a red snapper can, be it from the docks to the fishmonger or from the fishmonger to the fridge, but with proper care it holds up just fine. And the flesh is snow white, which is nice. Hold a hogfish fillet next to just about anything else in the fish case and nothing looks nearly as clean and pure.

So what to do with the cloud-like goodness sadly named hogfish? It's too pretty to blast in a frying pan like it's snapper cousin (although that would certainly work). Sushi would have been nice, but for some unknown reason all I've been craving has been Mexican food. And with veggies and herbs everywhere, ceviche was an easy choice.

Pictured above a mixture of hogfish (no skin), raw local sweet corn, red onion, salt, pepper, a touch of hot sauce, and habanero. Lime juice was added to come about 1/2 or 3/4 the way up the mix. After the mix (which was tossed around a few times) marinated away for about 5 minutes chopped cilantro was added. The seasoning was readjusted and it got served over some store bought tostadas (not as good as fresh fried tortillas, but fine for a quick snack). Simple, fast food. The stuff is addictive.

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