Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fluke, Flounder?

Does it matter? We'd pull up flatfish the size of doormats back east. Didn't take much effort either. But that's not the case here. At least the fresh stuff is for sale (Kate's).

First the pasta. The sauce was super finely diced, rendered homemade guanciale (Tea Hills--this recipe), reduced white wine, and some butter. Simple sauce for some whole wheat pasta (truth be told, I like the regular noodles better). Beefed up with julienned yellow squash (gotta use that garden produce) and parsley. Lots of salt and pepper.

The fluke (or flounder) was folded GHT style, seasoned, and then baked for a few minutes in a 425 oven.

This works for me. It uses up some awesome fresh squash (the yellow stuff can be so good), addresses the whole starch with fish thing, and was light and slightly porky at the same time. Good stuff.

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