Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Pity the Fool

I once met Mr. T. It was years ago, and he smelled like perfume.

Pictured above are some simple tacos made with leftover grass-fed tri-tip (Millgate Farm) recooked with some salsa inglesa, red onion, and cilantro (Snake Hill Farm). The tortillas were prepackaged, as lately I've been less than thrilled when making them myself from masa harina. Seriously, look at this tutorial. Those tortillas are not bueno. And unless you're going all out like this local legend, I see no shame in heading down to the local mercado for some quality corn tortillas. A quick warm up on a lightly oiled griddle or comal and they're good to go. They also fry up great, but frying was more of a last post kind of thing.
And a strawberry fool. Made with fresh, local strawberries (that are starting to come into their own around here) and Snowville Creamery cream. The cream, with no additives, was a marvel. Cold cream with a little sugar and vanilla extract in a cool bowl whipped up almost instantly. It's like instant whipping cream. Also amazing, the put together fool lasted at least 48 hrs in the fridge with no signs of weeping or falling apart. That cream is a good product. And regarding the dessert itself, there's a reason fools have stood the test of time.


maybelle's mom said...

Its really a good thing that I live way across town--all these desserts are making a preggo very hungry.

The CFT said...

I'm putting on the lbs for both of us. Free dairy is truly a blessing and a curse.

OhioMom said...

Tried and failed making my own tortillas, nothing wrong with buying them fresh from a local mercado .. great to support a neighborhood business :)

Now the strawberries and cream .. oh yummmmmmmy!

The CFT said...

Thanks for your support on the tortillas.

Any more stawberries and cream for me and I might die, I'm afraid.