Monday, June 22, 2009

Couple of Sandwiches

I grew up in the land of the pork roll, and while I'm more of a bacon, egg, and cheese kind of person I'll always have a soft spot for the Jersey delicacy (and that term is used very loosely). It's unclear whether proper pork roll is available in Cleveland, so the pictured breakfast sandwich will have to suffice.

It's pancetta (get it: rolled pork. that's very funny, I know) that was made with Tea Hills whey fed pork, a Plum Creek egg, some sort of young pecorino type cheese a house guest left in the fridge, and some dijon. Bread = On The Rise pullman loaf.

Along with a double espresso from Gypsy Beans, the day was off to a good start.

And here's a pancetta, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. While The CFT is not likely to enter the big contest (not that this sandwich would be eligible), I was ready for one of the early OH tomatoes, and what better way to enjoy it? The bread was toasted in the pancetta fat, and the mayo was Kewpie. Lettuce from the yard.

Between the MSG in the tomato and the mayo, this was truly a flavor enhanced sandwich.

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