Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And a Sensible (vegetarian) Dinner

Simple meat free weekday meal. A response to the meat overload that I'm slowly recovering from. In the past few days: hanger steak at Cento (flawless); lamb leg feast at home w/ good company and too much wine (and marrow); ridiculously good short rib and chef-made andouille at an Urban Landscape dinner; and a nice tartare w/ fries at Greenhouse for lunch. That list should scare off any vegetarian readers, so now to the meatless dinner, which could easily be veganized (rumor has it all the cool kids are vegan-curious).

Pictured above is the most basic of pastas. While the high quality dried spaghetti was cooking some butter was melted in a separate pan with just a bit of fresh oregano. A little oregano goes far, and too much could really ruin things. The pasta was drained and added to the butter/oregano sauce along with some salt and pepper and that was it. Topped with the tiniest amount of sheep's milk cheese, it was addictive. Not necessarily a dish I'd make for company, but it may become a go-to summer meal until the veggies start pouring in. Refreshing in its simplicity. Feeling vegan? Sub olive oil for the butter and fine bread crumbs (toasted or not) for the cheese.

And the salad. Fresh from the garden (mostly). During the aforementioned lamb feast a guest, and the guy who was doing the lion's share of the cooking, made an awesome, simple salad. Nothing fancy or crazy, but different in that he added tarragon and basil to the greens. Not much of either, but enough to know they were there. And the vinaigrette--the guy's a retired French trained chef--not much else to say. So pictured above is my paltry knockoff.

Lettuce, basil, tarragon, and radish from the garden and some store bought carrot (wouldn't have done the carrot normally, but after having some in a delicate, old school salad at the Fig I've been craving them). For the vinaigrette, dijon, salt, pepper, honey (Lucy at Ohio Honey, Shaker NUFM, has some great new stuff), sherry vinegar, and olive oil. Pretty standard, really. Still wanna be a vegan? Maple syrup instead of honey (lovingly called bee vomit by an old friend).

It's nice to eat a meal and not wind up in a food coma from time to time.


OhioMom said...

During the growing season, veggie meals are the only way to go :)

The CFT said...

I don't know. If the chicks don't start laying soon we might see some poultry on plate.

maybelles mom said...

funny about the vegan curious part--and I would say you could also add nutritional yeast with those bread crumbs.

The CFT said...

Nutritional yeast takes me back. A glass blowing deadbeat roommate I had out west put it on everything. That and Bragg's liquid aminos will forever remind me of PDX. I love them both. Great call.

maybelle's mom said...

OH, braggs is yum yum.

Tricia said...

So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!