Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, there is good Mexican food in NE Ohio.

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At La Mexicana, specifically. I won't repeat what was well said here, but I'd like to agree with the review. Except for the linked blog's reccomendation against getting the torta. While certainly not the biggest torta I've ever seen, or even the best, it is very good. Slightly different bun than I'm used to seeing, but no real complaint there either. There are authentic quesadillas and other things too.

The place came recommended from some trustworthy sources who work out that way. It's a really nice mini-taqueria in a very well stocked Mexican grocery store. Worth the trip from Cleveland? Not sure. But if out that way definitely worth a visit.

Still on the lookout for the ever elusive taco truck. It's my white whale. Saw one filling up with propane at the Clark Ave. U-Haul store about a year ago. Not a sniff since . . . .


Beth said...

Saw a taco truck in Akron on Tallmadge Ave just about a week and a half ago...unable to stop because of the two small, sleeping children in the car at the time. Hoping this one isn't as difficult to find a second time!

The CFT said...

That's the best lead I've heard yet. Thanks!

maybelle's mom said...

Hey, thanks for your well wishes month ago. I am just coming off of 7.5 mos of morning sickness. And, I am starting to read about food again.

As for the taco truck, a friend from Lorain tells me they have them.

The CFT said...

MM--Glad you're feeling a bit better and looking forward to your new arrival.

I've heard the Lorain rumors. Any chance of getting a location?

Tino said...

Might I offer up this gem for an excellent taco truck in Akron?

I eat the food from this tiny truck at least once a week and have always enjoyed its relative authenticity.