Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seasonal Leftovers

Some leftover chicken, a few tbs of mashed potato, and nice bit of coagulated sauce in the fridge (leftover from this post) were the makings of really nice and quick dinner. While reheated chicken is nothing earth shattering, the sauce got this a spot on the blog. It's like reversed mashed potatoes and gravy, with the potato stirred into what was already a tasty sauce. Thickening sauces with potato is not new, but I never do it. It beats the crap out of cornstarch or arrowroot, at least here.

The veg is a few ramps slowly sauteed in butter with some salt and pepper. While I'm not hitting the ramps with the reckless abandon that I have in previous years, the arrival of the ramp pizza on menus greatly helps fade memories of shoveling snow (or just sitting around and hoping for a thaw) not too long ago.


Dave said...

Looks tasty. I found a huge ramp source this year. I harvested about 6 pounds last weekend and I have an endless supply still out in the woods. If you don't have a good source, I'd be happy to share. I'm in Avon Lake.

The CFT said...

Thanks Dave--will keep that in mind. I think if I had 6 lbs of the things I'd get more personal space on the bus!