Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sir Loin

Lamb sirloin, Israeli couscous, parsley salad.

The lamb sirloin was trimmed, coated in salt and pepper, and seared in olive oil before being finished in a 450 oven. The sirloin was then cut into medallions (maybe 1/2 inch?), which were super tender at the rare side of medium rare (it was warm through). While the lamb was resting (before being sliced) I made a quick sauce with diced shallot, malbec, lamb demi, salt, pepper, and just a little butter.

The Israeli couscous was cooked in salted lamb stock and was boiled hard so there was no liquid left when when the couscous was done. Once soft, in went more salt, pepper, minced parsley, olive oil, and just a little lemon zest. It was addictive.

Finally, the parsley salad was just parsley leaves, salt, pepper, sliced shallot, olive oil, lemon juice, and toasted pine nuts.

I've eaten more photogenic food, but this sirloin alone was worth going in on half a lamb. I don't think I've ever seen lamb sirloin for sale, but maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. Either way, good stuff.

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