Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whole Fish

Another case of pining over a fish from my youth, and again it was a fish I used to toss. Less toss, more hand over to the folks fishing next to me on a Jersey Shore pier. Those guys, it was always guys, were more than eager to add another porgy to their pile. I'd ask what they did with the little, bony fish, and every time the answer would be the same--pan fry. I opted for roasting here, and I think that worked fine for me.

I started by sauteing some pieces of parsnip (Blissful Acres) and carrot in butter. Once they were softening I put the fish in the hot pan. The fish had been stuffed with parsley (Basketeria), thinly sliced lime, thinly sliced onion (Snake Hill Farm), salt, and pepper. It was also slashed, coated with Spanish olive oil, and seasoned on the skin sides. The fish and veggies went into a 450 oven for about 20 min and that was it. The veggies were mixed with some fresh thyme before being put on the plate.

Even though the fish was very good, moist and flavorful with the bones pulling out very easily, the highlight may have been the parsley salad. Just some roughly cut parsley, thinly sliced onion, salt, pepper, and lime juice. Gilded with a little avocado that was kicking around it was reminiscent of guacamole, but different. It was like a taste of freshness.

Overall, an easily prepared meal that doesn't feel that way. Inexpensive also. Between this and half a dozen West Coast oysters, it was almost too much Kate's Fish goodness to bear.


Anonymous said...

There can never be enough Kate's Fish goodness. Best independent retailer in town according to The Plain Dealer.

The CFT said...

I'd buy that. It's probably due to the employees' sunny dispositions.