Monday, February 2, 2009

Lamb Chop(s)

Lamb lala Widow



- Lamb shoulder chops (it’s clean out the freezer season; Turczyk's)
- Onion (thinly sliced; Snake Hill)
- Shallot (thinly sliced; id)
- Carrot (diced)
- Garlic (smashed)
- Orange zest (julienned)
- Bay leaf
- Veal stock (from Plum Creek bones)
- Vinegar (sherry; Gallucci’s)
- Tomato (here leftover sauce made with coriander, cumin, and habanero; spices from Urban Herbs)
- Salt and pepper
- Fat (olive oil)

- White beans
- Pork product (pancetta, diced)
- Onion (sliced)
- Garlic (sliced)
- Rosemary (sprig and some minced)
- Olive Oil
- Salt and pepper

- For the beans, cook them in pot with onion, garlic, rosemary sprig, and pancetta until done
- Finish beans by heating olive oil in a pot and stirring in cooked, drained beans (I saw this technique in a recipe from the A16 cookbook that was reprinted in a magazine--book seems good, related NYT thing here) along with some of the bean cooking liquid
- Once beans are creamy season with salt, pepper, and minced rosemary
- For the lamb, start by seasoning it and then searing in olive oil
- Set browned lamb aside and throw in the pan onion, shallot, and carrot and stir until softened, then add the garlic
- Once garlic starts to smell add veal stock, orange zest, bay leaf, tomato, and a splash of vinegar, bring to a boil, then season
- Add browned lamb to boiling liquid, cover, then put in a 325 oven until the lamb is super tender (about an hour fifteen)
- Once lamb is all nice and braised, remove meat and defat the liquid (I just poured the liquid into a measuring cup and used a spoon to scoop what fat I could off the top of the cooled liquid)
- Add the lamb back to the (mostly) defatted liquid to get everything hot again (I didn’t reduce the braising liquid any more than it reduced itself while braising)
- Serve

It’s good.


Debra said...

I'm actually a (slowly) recovering vegetarian, and your blog totally encourages me to get back to eating meat! yikes!

The CFT said...

If I get just one person back on the meat, Debra, it's all been worth it. No comment could have made me happier.

Summers around here tend to be more veggie friendly.

jacqueline said...

i chanced upon your site, and though i haven't really read everything on this entry, i believe i'd be visiting again. :) the pictures of the food are just so yummy! :)

The CFT said...

Thanks. Hopefully the text won't sacre you away.