Monday, January 19, 2009

wash dishes?

The following pictures show how that mess was made. Via Stuart. His flicker site has some descriptions.
Homemade butter from Snowville Creamery cream. On The Rise Bread.
Bluepoint oyster. Middleneck Clam. Cleveland snow.
Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche. Fresh Shrimp and Scallops from Kate's Fish (West Side Market).
Cheval Tartare. Quail egg yolk. Kennebec Potato fries.
Plum Creek Veal Tongue Rillette.
Fried Lake Erie Creamery Chevre and Raspberry puree.
Hubbard Squash Soup w/ Creme Fraiche (also made from Snowville Creamery Cream).
Black Bass w/ Couscous and Dried Fruit and Spanish Olive Oil.
Pasta w/ Calamari and Canned Italian Tomatoes.
Local Duroc Pork Ribs, Collards w/ Ham Hock, Louisiana Sweet Potatoes.
Olive Oil Ice Cream and Local Maple Syrup.


Anonymous said...

man i want more collard greens

DianeS said...

Mmmmmm, I have some of those collards in my fridge. They've been calling my name all day. Soon...

I just today put two and two together and realized that this is your blog!

The CFT said...

Ceviche for breakfast and leftover bread and butter all day. Collards for dinner.

Thanks for coming.

lifeinrecipes said...

What, you BOUGHT the bread?!:-)

You're killing me here. Two questions: where did you locate cheval (don't want any, thanks, just curious), and did you find Snowville cream in anything smaller than a 1/2 gallon size?

Nancy Heller said...

I'm loving the Snowville Creamery products also! A beautiful looking mess, uh, meal.

The CFT said...

Only two Heidi? (1) Brought from Toronto by a friend (another time I had brought some back from Montreal . . . declared it and all--and don't be bashful, I have some left in the freezer), (2) no, but I've never seen it in stores at all (the 1/2 gallon of cream was gifted). To make good use of/preserve the cream I used it to make the butter, creme fraiche, and in the ice cream. Still had some left though. Re the bread, baking is out of my skill set, although I make a decent loaf of no-knead.

Nancy, thanks. And I agree, it's good dairy.

lifeinrecipes said...

Just had to write something to let you know that the captcha onscreen is HORSE!

Minnillo said...

For the record: I swear that I offered to help clean-up efforts and was denied!!

Big AL said...

The presentations looked nice. I especially liked how you incorporated the "Clevelad snow."

I think the olive oil ice cream is an awful ice cream flavor. Making a flavor like that is going way over the top, in my opinion. It may have tasted good, but certainly not appealing me.

I thought the menu was great. The ice cream was the only negative for me.

And as for not making the bread, who cares. Based on your background, one would not and should not expect you to do all that. You have a full time job, a side job, and a small kitchen.

You should be very proud of yourself!

The CFT said...

I think she was kidding about the bread Al. Re ice cream--next time I'll make your maple nut.

lifeinrecipes said...

I need to do something about that sarcastic nature of mine......ummm, no.


The CFT said...

It's cool. Al's a luddite and doesn't speak internet smilies.