Sunday, November 2, 2008

Super Value Meal

Mediterra baguette, $2 at the West Side Market. Half a pound of Vacherin Mont d'Or from The Cheese Shop (at the WSM), around $5. That's seven dollars for a light lunch for two, or a cheese fest for one. Upsize with wine and you're good for the day.

Probably just as much fat as the better known super value meal, but way, way better. And if you're bored, click the Mediterra link. Nice, short ingredient lists.


ntsc said...

That is my idea of a fast food lunch. I've only been to the West Side Market once, I live in New York, just outside NYC and have only stopped in Cleveland once. Would happily go back.

maybelle's mom said...

looks like perfection on a crisp day.

The CFT said...

NTSC - glad you approve. I'm from your neck of the woods. The Market is no Zabar's, but there are a few choice vendors. Say hello if you're out here again.

MM - I think so too.

lifeinrecipes said...

i'm needing to try a mediterra baguette - haven' yet been able to tear myself away from my current baguette of choice from on the rise.

The CFT said...

I've been wanting to check out OTR, but have given in to my new life as a Westsider and find it hard to make it over there.

Still, dueling baguettes are in order.

ntsc said...

We went to Cleveland for a long weekend with some Internet food friends.

We also did food demos and ate lunch with M. Ruhlman.

This year it looks like the meeting will be Vermont in the fall.

Zabar's has stuff that the Market doesn't, but the market has great stuff that Zabar's would sniff at putting on their shelves. I worked withing walking distance and parked across the street from Balduchi's. I prefer Fairway.

Simone said...

I agree, that is my kind of fast food!
Also, you must try to get to OTR, it is so worth it!

The CFT said...

I will try Simone, probably this weekend.