Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Pics

Courtesy of Stuart, arguably Cleveland's favorite food photographer.
Pork Tongue Rillettes. If you can make duck confit, this should be no problem, and it's very much worth checking out. Cost of two very high quality pork tongues--$1.10. Heidi, of Life in Recipes glory, noted the value, among other things, of lambs tongues here. Cacciatore Salami and Blissful Acres Pumpkins in the background.
Country Gristmill Spicy Italian Sausage. Made with well raised heritage pork, and not that spicy. Mittel-scharf mustard from a tube permissibly stolen from a Bar Cento beer dinner. Bun from Save-A-Lot. The sausage was cooked over a mixture of lump charcoal and hickory wood. I didn't get to try one--very sad. Looks like there may be a bit of homemade kraut on there too. That was just garden cabbage, kosher salt, and time (and maybe a drop of water). If Stuart was a drinker that red cup would have been filled with Great Lake's Dortmunder from one of their 1/6 barrels (Or 1/3 barrel? It's been too long since I worked here.).

Roasted fall vegetables. Covered in the last post.

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