Saturday, August 16, 2008

Subsisting on Snacks . . .

. . . quality wine dinners (hosted in part by these guys), and inexpensive happy hour food. Pictured is the snack--brie, bread, crackers, a quick bruschetta, and a little homemade smoked whitefish salad. If there were some grapes or apples this would have been fit for a king.

Also, there's a soul food festival going on in downtown Cleveland tomorrow. Not sure I'll make it though, as I got my fix late last night (this morning?) at Just Like Mom's. Rib tips for me, frog legs for the dining companion (both were very good). It was the end of a great evening of impromptu eclectic dining that had started with happy hour Asian-style cioppino at The Flying Fig. After The Fig it was puttanesca and marinara pizzas at Cento. Once those pizzas settled there was little choice but to head over to E 30th and Superior for the soul food. Not bad for school night.

And what would Freud say about that photo (besides "Get a tripod and proper lighting")?

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