Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fuss Free Food

Diced tomato (Roma and Jubilee), basil, and brie on toasted bread that had been drizzled with olive oil prior to being placed on a very hot ridged griddle. A little salt and pepper in with the tomatoes and basil and that's all it took. Could've rubbed the warm baguette slices with garlic before adding the cheese and tomatoes, it would have been nice, but why bother? Same with an extra drizzle of olive oil over the top--didn't do that either. Simple was good.

And why should the Italian's have the monopoly on cheese paired with tomato and basil? Despite their problems, the French have earned this much. Indeed, it's hard to imagine how conflicts over the past hundred years or so would have been different had France showed its artisanal spirit in them. Maybe that's what holding us warmongering types up in the food front--too busy with other stuff.

Anyway, too many questions. Perhaps the picture below will shed light on some of the answers.

The ever controversial raw milk. And The CFT, soon to be the proud owner of 1/40th of a cow.

Let's hope we don't get arrested.


OhioMom said...

Fuss free and summer heat go together as well as the maters and cheese ... 1/40th of a cow ?

I do enjoy your blog :)

The CFT said...

And I yours OHMom (I'm just not much of commenter, anywhere really).

Re: piece of a cow. I can't buy the raw milk, but I can pay, along with co-owners, to have our cow boarded and milked for us. There's nothing like legal fictions to keep everyone happy.