Monday, June 23, 2008

Tacos again?

If you're one of the two people who read this blog semi-regularly, you could have seen this coming. The clues were there. Extra corn tortillas from a few posts ago, and a protein heavy meal last post. Too bad there are already so many taco blogs (that last one is close enough).

Above is leftover Millgate Farm ribeye (diced and cooked with salt, pepper, and Bragg's), diced sweet onion, shredded arugula from the garden (we'll see if it's cut-and-come-again), and shredded Meadow Maid cheddar (picked up at the Shaker Farmer's Market, it's made from raw, organic, grass fed cow milk, and a fair deal at $5 a block). Before eating I added some creme fraiche (homemade from Ohio Organic Family Farms lightly pasteurized heavy cream--available at Country Gristmill at the Market--and a bit of my last batch that was made with Vermont Butter & Cheese Company creme fraiche, instead of buttermilk, as a starter) and Tapitio.

I love tacos.

And to go on the record for cheese on tacos. I used to not be for it, and secretly looked down on those who went heavy with the shredded cheese. To me a good taqueria taco has meat, some diced onion, and cilantro and is topped with a squeeze of lime and maybe some hot sauce. But I've been evolving. I still won't ask for a side of cheese at a taqueria (which isn't a problem around here because there's not really one worth discussing, even if Mi Pueblo, the West Side one, does in a pinch), but at home anything goes, especially with the inauthentic tacos I so enjoy. All that being said, I'm still not ready to shred Parmesan on my seafood pasta (but risottos are fair game).


Sarah said...

Those look fabulous, I love tacos! Although I am guilty of also loving lots of cheese and sour cream on mine. It bothers me when people put cheese on fajitas for some reason.

Deitri said...

Do you fry your tortillas? Obviously these aren't hard-shell tacos, but for soft-shell ones, I'd still give them a quick dip in oil.
Also, what is ga (in the labels)?

The CFT said...

Thanks Sarah. I hear you with the fajitas, but I guess whatever makes folks happy . . . .

Deitri -- I heat up soft corn tortillas in a pretty warm skillet (usually cast iron) lightly coated with oil (usually canola). It's not so much frying, but oil is typically involved. A more heavy fry is good too, and there are certainly many puffy taco devotees for those who like the deeper fry. Ga is a typo. I think I meant it to be garden because of the arugula (which has resprouted from its haircut nicely). Thanks for the catch, sorry there's no cooler explanation.