Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ramp Carbonara

While Googling to make sure I got the spelling right I ran across a recent post on this subject from some Cleveland area food guy you may have heard of. It's here (pretty nice picture too).

If you've read some of the older posts here you know I love this dish, and am not afraid to bastardize it (not only once, but twice). Here it's with Ohio Mennonite organic Berkshire bacon picked up at the Shaker Farmers Market (County Gristmill), Ohio City Pasta's vegan red pepper pasta, Plum Creek Poultry eggs, and ramp tops. The eggs and ramps are also from the Market. Not sure the wide red pepper noodles added to the dish, but they certainly didn't take anything away.

Eggs and ramps go together very well, as do ramps and cheese, which can be enjoyed these days on a pizza at Bar Cento (it's the chef's wife, but trust her on this). But ramp season is about over, which would be sad if it didn't mean that a lot of great stuff is on the way.


maybelles mom said...

YUM! and the pizza is great, I just ate it last night and will be posting picts tomorrow.

The CFT said...

Looking forward to seeing them. Some of the best pizza I've ever had.