Sunday, April 6, 2008

Toulouse Sausage

With fries, two types of mustard, and homemade mayo. The mustard to the left is nothing-special whole grain mustard. The one on the right is Garden Vineyard Grove's Muffulata Mustard. It's like a New Orlean's style muffulata sandwich in a jar, with all the essential ingredients (except the bread, meat, and cheese). Really good stuff that will likely be available at the Crocker Park farmers' market. It's always worth stopping by her stand to try her wine jams. They're sweet, winey, and clean tasting (I'm just a fan and don't benefit from her success, but I do root for her.).

My mayo post is here. This one contains a little more mustard and I kept it relatively thin.

The fries came from half of one Russet potato cut on a mandolin. I had picked up a knock-off Benriner Mandolin in Montreal and was looking for an excuse to use it. These match sticks were as big as the device could cut, and I fried them twice in a wok with a little duck fat and seasoned with salt and pepper. Looking forward to using the Japanese mandolin on this summer's produce.

The sausage was picked up at the Jean-Talon Market and was made with the requisite pork, wine, and garlic. It was very nice, and I'd like to try it made with some fancy pork from happy pigs. I haven't been able to find Toulouse sausages anywhere in Cleveland, and if someone knows where they're available I'd love to know. For these I went with a quick sear in a little duck fat, and then put the pricked sausages in a 425 oven for a short bit.

Overall a good light meal and a good time reliving some moments from last weekend's trip.


michelle @ TNS said...

that looks gooooood. i'd take that plate right now, and i just finished eating dinner.

i was thinking of picking up that same mandolin. how are you liking it?

The CFT said...

Hey Michelle (and sorry for not responding to your previous comment--especially w/ the NJ reference).

I like the mandolin. So far it hasn't seemed as dangerous as some say, but I'm careful to not try to get every last bit from the vegetables. I wish it would make a thicker julienne cut, but I pretty much bought it to make thin slices quickly, and it’s great for that.

Thanks for checking out the blog. I’ve been enjoying yours.