Friday, March 14, 2008

Please vote . . .

for the next pictorial.
Option #1 - Braised Ox Tail

Option #2 - Curry Pasta Noodles
Option #3 - Rendered Duck Fat
Please use the comments section if you'd like to vote. People are stopping by here, but few are commenting. If you'd like to see one of the above sooner than one of the others (or at all), let me know. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I like your recipes but your pictures make me lose my appetite. The smoked pork shoulder looks like two frogs staring at me.

fuzzy nectarine said...

My vote is for the braised ox tail.
Where did you get the ox tail?

Deitri said...

I vote for ox tails because they're novel.
By the way, I think your pictures look appetizing. The pulled pork made me want a Cuban sandwich from Lelolai (

The CFT said...

Thanks Deitri, I was a tad defensive with the first commenter, and it's nice to hear I'm not making everyone sick.

Looks like it will be oxtails.

As for Lelolai, I've eaten more of those Cubans than I care to admit. I like that place.

And Nectarine, this oxtail is from MillGate Farms, grassfed beef available at the Shaker Indoor Winter Market.