Saturday, March 22, 2008

Montreal Bound

In a mere seven days. One reservation has already been made. Au Pied de Cochon--check it out. The picture is from their website.

And Frite Alors, serious fast food.

With The CFT's unhealthy obsession with poutine and anything cheese curd, this trip was only a matter of time. Now to practice "Parlez vous Anglais?"

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


rcianci said...

You shouldn't have any trouble finding folks that speak English. You might also want to check out La Banquise. They serve over 2 dozen different kinds of poutine and are open 24/7. Have a great time.

The CFT said...

Thanks Rcianci. I recognized your name from Chowhound when I was searching over there for places to eat. La Banquise sounds great, and we'll definitely check it out.