Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Vegetarian Pasta

Ohio City Pasta Vegan Tomato Pappardelle from this month's food co-op supply, local Butternut Squash stored from the summer, Kale and Onion from the Indoor Winter Market, Sage dug from the snow, and Garlic in a Sauvignon Blanc, Butter, and Olive Oil Sauce. Not bad for the dead of winter in Cleveland. Inexpensive wine (the same that was used in the sauce) from Washington and Pecorino Romano from Italy too.

One more shot:


Anonymous said...

The pasta is paparadelle not taglitelle. C'mon if you're going to name your dish do it right. Mancuso's Maple Brazil nut ice cream is the bomBBBBBBB!

The CFT said...

It was good ice cream Chef Al. But seriously, after a few years up in Rhode Island I expect nothing less. Thanks for the correction--I'll fix the post, and even spell papparadelle correctly.
Still, I think the pasta was treading the line between pappardelle and tagliatelle(which I'll also spell right), but we'll defer to Gary on this one.