Sunday, December 23, 2007

Duck and beans revisited

It was time to try this one again, this time without the pressure cooker. The new version takes a bit of time to come together, but doesn't require doing anything too difficult. I quick soaked (brought to a boil, turned off the heat, and allowed to rest for about an hour) the white beans before draining and cooking them in boiling water. For flavor I added some shallot, garlic, and diced double smoked tasso that I picked up at the West Side Market to the boiling beans.

When the beans were about half cooked I browned seasoned duck legs in an enameled dutch oven. Once the legs were browned I added some tomato paste to the dutch oven and cooked it down a bit. To the legs and tomato paste I added the partially cooked beans and the accompanying water, garlic, shallots, and tasso, and added a bay leaf. I also added a few glugs of white wine (The whole thing is cassoulet inspired.). A cover went on the dutch oven, and it all went into a 325 degree oven.

Every now then I checked on the pot to see how things were coming. The idea was to have fork tender duck legs without the beans being over cooked. When the beans were about right I seasoned the mix with salt and pepper. The legs were about 3/4 submerged during the entirety of the cooking, with the skin side up (I never had to add any extra liquid, but if I did it wouldn't have been a problem.). Once the legs were done I took them out and left the beans and flavorings in the remaining liquid in a covered pot off the heat--the beans absorbed most of the remaining liquid.

So now everything is resting in the fridge, quietly waiting for a quick trip under broiler to crisp up the skin on the duck legs and heat the beans through. Judging from the approximately 50 pounds of beans I consumed while checking for doneness, I think this will be a great heat and eat meal.


MJN34 said...

Yum! Looks delicious and (perhaps) partially inspired by our 2182 discussion at Harp. I'll have to try it! Melissa

The CFT said...

Glad you checked in. It’s definitely Harp discussion influenced. Next dinner outing should be 2182, but a change of clothes is likely required.