Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quick snack and late harvest

First the snack, skinless and boneless sardines packed in olive oil with some water crackers. As it was the first sardine experience for The CFT, it seemed like the appropriate baby step to go without the skin and bones, but with minimal accoutrements to interfere with the flavor. It won't be long before I go for this snack again (nice alternative to tuna), although I'll probably give this somewhat fancy brand a chance, and not omit the skin and bones.
Regarding the harvest:
Not quite a bumper harvest of Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), especially considering the tall plants and decent flowering, but I'm looking forward to eating them nonetheless. The light harvest is likely due to the mediocre sunlight in that part of the garden. Hopefully I missed a few and they'll volunteer next year. Besides the sunchokes, I gathered the last of the potatoes and tomatillos, a few Brussels sprouts, and some underdeveloped fennel that was also grown in the shady part of the garden. The only things still growing are some herbs, chard, kale, and broccoli, along with a few shoots of recently planted garlic getting a head start on the Midwestern winter. Not too long before the whole thing is covered with snow.

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