Friday, October 12, 2007

A snack for dinner

Pictured above is my answer to an abundance of eggplant and a late season tomato. It's less soupy than it looks, and is perfect for an appetizer or a light meal.

- Eggplants, halved
- Tomato, halved
- Garlic, clove(s) still with some skin on it
- Chile pepper, diced
- Parsley, chopped
- Lemon, some chopped zest and halved
- Salt and pepper
- Olive oil
- Pita (I quartered mini pitas)
- Turn on broiler (Or max out heat in oven.)
- Salt, pepper, and oil eggplant halves, tomato halves, and still papered garlic cloves
- Put veggies on a pan under the broiler (cut halves of eggplant up, cut halves of tomato down)
- Once eggplant tops are a bit charred, remove from oven/broiler
- When veggies are cool enough to handle, scoop out eggplant flesh or peel (Or just chop up the eggplant skin and all--I did some of both.) and put in food processor
- The tomato skin should peel right off, so remove it and put skinned tomato halves in the same food processor work bowl
- Squeeze garlic out of it skin and add to the other veggies
- Add lemon zest, parsley, chile pepper, and salt and pepper, then process a little bit
- Add some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and process a little more
- Taste and adjust seasoning
- If you have a grill pan, heat it up (Otherwise toast pita in the oven)
- Place pita pieces on hot grill pan and drizzle them with olive oil
- Once all the pieces are lightly coated with oil, flip them over and give them a slight char (better under toasted than over)
- Enjoy

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