Monday, October 8, 2007

Recent harvest

Please enjoy a couple of photos showing what I've been harvesting in Cleveland's perpetual summer.

Pictured above are a few heirloom and cherry tomatoes, organically grown around West 45 and Franklin. Those are potatoes set out to dry a bit in the background. The tomatoes as of late have been some of the better specimens, with better shapes and less cracks. Even the split-prone Yellow Perfections seem to have gotten all of the splitting out of their system during September.

In the close-up above you can see some yellow crooked neck squash, Japanese eggplant, purple tomatillos, yellow (and a red) tomatoes, some little Brussels sprouts (they didn't work out so great), and a tiny bit of a yellow chile pepper in the top left part of the picture. If I were a little more dedicated a gardener there would be lots of broccoli too, but there will be more of that in the upcoming weeks.

That's it. It's been a very good season and seeds are still being sown. So take that Portland, Ore, and all you other Northwest cities, with your never ending growing seasons (referenced here), climate change will assure that we too in the Midwest have fresh garden produce year round.

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