Monday, September 24, 2007

More pasta

This was really good. Simple and good. After a great lunch at Jaleo ( in Bethesda, MD, (If you don't like Jose Andres there may be something wrong with you.) and a short flight followed by a shorter train ride, I just wanted something relatively quick. Also, since I'll be gone for the next four days traveling for work (If you know of a good place to eat at the very top of the four finger portion of the Michigan mitten, please leave a comment with the recommendation.), I was looking for a way to use up some lingering ingredients. Above is the result.

- Pasta (Once again, frozen fresh Ohio City Pasta. Vegan red pepper noodles that had been in the freezer two or three months. It was perfectly fine.)
- Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
- Garlic, just one clove, sliced thickly
- Tomato paste
- Heavy cream
- Olive oil
- Parsley leaves
- Salt & pepper
- Boil water for pasta
- Heat some olive oil in a frying pan
- When oil is hot, add some tomato paste
- Cook tomato paste for a bit, then add garlic
- Just after garlic slices are warm, add a film of cream to the pan, stirring well and lowering heat
- Add pasta to boiling water
- Once water is starchy, add some of the pasta water to the cream mixture, stirring well raising the heat and adjusting the sauce's seasoning with salt and pepper
- When pasta is done, drain and add to frying pan
- Add parsley leaves and cherry tomato halves, mixing well and then removing from heat
- Serve

I wasn't that hungry, but still ate two pre-portioned servings of the Ohio City Pasta with the sauce (their serving size is a bit small, but usually in a good way--see the pasta with broccoli post from a few days ago for a look at one serving of pasta.). There was no need to add cheese.

There will be no cooking at The CFT for the next few days while I'm away. If all goes well, there may be an Upper Peninsula restaurant review posted from the remote location. If not, please enjoy the archives.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't mention all the delicious homemade food you ate in Bethesda!!