Monday, September 3, 2007


A simple recipe that's more about getting the proportions right than anything else. The picture above is from a batch made with four fairly large avocados. It was enough for my contribution to a potluck with about twenty-five people. It's safe for just about everyone. As for those who swear that they just don't like guacamole, well, there's not much that's going to satisfy them.

- Ripe avocados, peeled and broken up (Preferably the Hass type, they're dark when they're ripe. Others may work, but I haven't tried them.)
- Plum tomatoes, diced (Really should use plum, as opposed to other, tomatoes here.)
- Red onion, finely diced
- Chile pepper, very finely diced (Jalapeno is classic.)
- Cilantro, chopped
- Lime
- Salt and pepper
- Squeeze some lemon and lime juice in the bowl that will hold all the ingredients
- Add chunks of peeled avocado to the juices and get the avocado pieces coated with the citrus juice (This will slow down discoloration.)
- Add salt and pepper to avocado and citrus juices
- Mash the avocado, salt and pepper, and citrus juices (I use two forks, but a potato masher would work well. Make sure to get it all smooth, because this is the only real chance to mush everything around. The salt helps the process.)
- Add a whole bunch of diced tomatoes, stirring them in as they are added (It's amazing how much tomato the avocado mixture can handle. Just add until it looks good to you.)
- Reseason with salt and pepper (Don't be shy with the salt, both avocados and tomatoes can handle a large amount of salt. It's shocking how much seasoning you can add.)
- Add diced red onion and stir that in (Again, even if you don't like onion, don't be shy with it here.)
- Now add the diced hot pepper and stir well
- Recheck seasoning (If something's off, this is a good time to fix it, i.e. adding additional lime juice or some more salt.)
- Finally, stir in chopped cilantro (Again, don't be shy with it.)

That's all there is to it. As you can see, there's a significant quantity of the non-avocado ingredients. They don't interfere so much as they complement the completed product, which is guacamole, not just squished avocado. Enjoy.

What's great about this recipe is that it can be a base for many others. Trade the avocado and tomato for mango, and it's a great mango salsa (Sure, that may have been cooler two years ago, but it's still good.). Swapping the avocado for some raw fish (like halibut or flounder), or shrimp, and/or scallops, and adding some extra lemon and lime juice, results a quality ceviche. Whatever you do with this recipe, if you do anything, it will go well with tortilla chips.

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